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My name is Kathy Davis. I've been working as a reading tutor and a teacher since 1985. I've given the name of Sound City Reading to the phonics materials I've developed to help children learn to read and write. I've used this name because the letter charts I put on the wall look like a row of houses in a city.
The Sound City Reading materials are designed to help children learn the phonics patterns they need to become successful, independent readers. I hope that you will find them useful. The downloads are free. You'll need Adobe Reader to download them. It will take a few minutes to download each file. After the file downloads, it takes about another half minute to open. The materials are in the form of pdf files that can be printed as practice books, workbooks, flashcards, and games. You may print the materials from this site or save any of the files to your computer after you open them. Just click on the square disk to save the file. To make it easier to look through the pages of each file, click on the button showing a page with four arrows pointing up, down, left, and right. This will give you a full view of each page. Click the arrows at the top of the page to move from one page to another.

My materials are copyrighted, but I give permission to parents, teachers, and tutors to download and print them for their students. Permission for schoolwide use is permitted. Commercial publication by anyone except myself is prohibited.

I am currently a first grade teacher using the Scott Foresman Reading Street program. I have created some materials which introduce phonics patterns in the same sequence taught in this reading series. There are Phonogram Pattern Worksheets, Decoding Sheets, Stories, Word Wall Materials, and Tests. All of these materials can be reached by clicking the Reading Street For First Grade link on the menu bar on the left side of this page.

I've been working on the site this summer to get the changes made and everything back in order. My e-mail address is I really appreciate all of the positive feedback, and thanks for letting me know when downloads don't work. I'll do the best I can to fix them.

Click on any topic on the menu bar on the left to see the related materials.
Everything is still here! I've revised the main menu to make it possible to put on more materials and to make it easier to find things quickly. I've added some new materials, listed below. All of the Reading Street materials can be found if you click on the Reading Street For First Grade link on the menu bar to the left.
Sound Story
Level 3
Short Vowels
Level 1
Sound Cards
Reading Street
For First Grade
Level 4
Phonogram Patterns
Level 2
Learning the Alphabet
Level 5
Advanced Phonics Patterns
Wall Charts
Background, Philosophy, and Acknowledgements
Sound City Reading
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