Level 1 - Readiness Level - Learning The Alphabet

Very young students and any students who have not been exposed to the alphabet should start at this level.

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Sound City Reading

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Learning The Alphabet - Workbook 2
s, j, o, c, d, a, v, g, p, k, y, qu, z
Learning The Alphabet - Workbook 1
t, i, h, l, n, w, u, b, m, r, f, x, e
Update January 2014: I've put together a pair of books, Learning The Alphabet Workbook 1 and Workbook 2, to combine several of these readiness activities into one format. These books include the Robot Game (oral blending pages), rhyming pages, sound story pages, and handwriting readiness pages. Students also trace large and small letters, but are not expected to write them independently. There are also visual discrimination pages (students find and circle a specific letter) and picture dictionary pages (words that all begin with a specific letter, with matching pictures). An easy alphabet lotto game provides practice matching letters and sound pictures. Use the sound picture cards and letter/sound picture cards for easy review. Other activities include a plastic letter activity in which students place plastic letters on a matching game board, and a puzzle-like activity in which students match letter shapes (circles, lines, and curves) to outlines to from letters.

My original materials for this level did not include work with the alphabet; however I've started including learning the alphabet materials at this level as long as they are low key and do not require students to master the material immediately. Students are exposed to the alphabet by listening to the sound story, playing games, and tracing letters. While they may not master new letters right away, over a period of time they will develop skills that will prepare them for the more formal next level, Advanced Learning The Alphabet.

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Alphabet Wall Cards With Sound Pictures And Handwriting Model
Sound Story Picture Cards
Sound Story Picture Cards With Letters
Part 1 - One Set
Alphabet Lotto
Plastic Letter Alphabet Match
Letter Shapes Activity
This file has the instructions and label cards for all the games, including the games on this page.