Rhyming Cards

There are ten sets of rhyming cards. There are 5 pairs of rhyming words in each set. The sets are all at the same ability level - none are harder than the others.

To do the activity, lay out all the pictures from a set face up, or place them in a pocket chart. If a student is not familiar with any of the pictures, name those pictures before beginning the game. Say the name of one picture. A student finds that picture and also finds the rhyming picture and removes both pictures. Continue until all the pictures have been removed.

Tell the student to listen to find two words that end with the same sounds. Emphasize the ending parts as you say two rhyming words. If a student picks the wrong card, say the name emphasizing the ending part. Then say just the ending part. Then say the first card, emphasizing the ending part, and then repeat just the ending part. Ask, are the sounds the same?

A student picks up a picture of a house, trying to rhyme with cat.
Teacher says, "House ends with _ouse. Cat ends with _at. Do _ouse and _at sound the same?
Find another picture that ends with the _at sound."

Another way to help a student is to take the wrong answer and pronounce it as if it were rhyming with the first card.

A student picks up a picture of a moon, trying to rhyme with hot.
Teacher says, "If this rhymes with hot, it would be mot. Is this a mot? (Student laughs.)
What is it? (moon) Moon ends with _oon. Find a word that ends with _ot."

Or you can just model the correct answer if the child can't find it, and continue the game, modeling as needed.

Print the Rhyming Cards on light weight cardstock. You'll need 122 pages. This file produces four complete sets of cards. Each page is to be cut into four cards. If you can use an industrial quality paper cutter, you can cut the whole stack at once. Each stack of cards will then be in the right order. Put a rubber band around each different set, and store in a shoebox.

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Rhyming Cards - Sets #1 through #11

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