Handwriting Readiness

The Handwriting Readiness booklet is used to provide practice for students so that they will master the strokes necessary to learn to write the letters. This book does not introduce letters. Students draw or trace lines, curves, and circles. Each page has a different picture or maze to provide interest for the child. Students will practice making straight lines going both up and down, will practice circles going both counterclockwise and clockwise, and will follow various curves and sharp turns. You may want to make multiple copies of the pages, so that the student can repeat pages on another day, if desired. Or students may want to do the same page more than one time with several different colored pencils. This should be a relaxed, fun activity. Model the correct line formation to get the student started on each page.

Various chalkboard exercises can also help children develop the eye-hand coordination to write letters. These exercises are listed and illustrated in the link below.

Have blank paper and crayons, colored pencils, and markers available for the student to draw, color, and scribble daily.

See the Other Readiness Suggestions page for more ideas for developing the fine motor skills needed to learn to write.

Handwriting Readiness
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Chalkboard Exercises

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