Original Notes: This program has a number of materials to help students learn the letters of the alphabet.

The Sound Story introduces all of the sounds of the letters of the alphabet as pictures. For example, the student learns that the sound of a growling dog is /r/. Then, when each letter is introduced, students see the related sound picture on the page with the letter. For example, when learning the letter r, the student will see the picture of the growling dog on the same page. Because the sound pictures are based on real environmental sounds, they help students learn to associate the appropriate sound with each abstract letter symbol.

Handwriting materials are available to teach the letter formation for each letter of the alphabet. First students practice tracing large letters, then they trace and write large letters that are on lines, then they trace and write letters on regular lined paper. See the link below to go to the page with more information and downloads for the handwriting materials.
A set of picture cards can be used on a table top or in a pocket chart to help students learn to identify beginning and ending sounds in words. Students identify each picture card, and sort the cards so that they are in a row beside the correct beginning or ending sound. As soon as students can write the alphabet letters, they can start the Beginning and Ending Sounds booklet. This booklet has a variety of pages, some easy and others more difficult, for students to use to practice identifying beginning and ending sounds.

While learning the letters of the alphabet, students should continue to do the readiness activities previously described. In particular, the student should play the Robot Game and the Cube Game. These games help the student learn to put separate sounds together to form words (oral blending), and to take words apart by saying the separate sounds (segmentation). It is not necessary for student to know the letters of the alphabet to play these games. However, the games will prepare students to begin reading and spelling words after they learn the alphabet letters.

These materials are designed to be used with a teacher, parent, or tutor. Students should not be expected to work through the materials independently.

Level 2 - Advanced Learning The Alphabet

These are the original materials.
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Beginning Sound Picture Cards
Beginning and Ending Sounds Workbook - Previous Version - o n f x m s sequence
Instructions for the Robot Game (oral blending) and Sound Game (segmenting)
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Sound City Reading

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Sound Story
Wall Charts
Building Letter Shapes
Handwriting Materials
Apple Alphabet Game
Apple Matching Game
Letter Lotto Game
Picture Dictionary
Letter Flashcards
Ending Sound Picture Cards
Beginning and Ending Sounds Workbook - New Version - t i h l n w sequence
Update January 2014: I've renamed the Level 1 readiness category to Learning The Alphabet and this Level 2 category to Advanced Learning The Alphabet. At this level students learn to write the letters as well as recognize them and give their sounds. They practice oral blending exercises (the robot game) in which they learn to put sounds together mentally to form a word. They also do sound blending exercises (silly sounds), in which students pronounce two-letter combinations, sliding the sounds together smoothly. They learn to listen and recognize beginning and ending sounds in words, and begin to spell two-letter vowel-consonant and consonant-vowel combinations with plastic letters. When students are ready they begin to spell three-letter short vowel words. If desired, students may begin reading short vowel words using the Beginning Short Vowel Words book. However, reading short vowel words is not required at this level.

Scroll down to the bottom to see the links to the new Advanced Learning The Alphabet workbooks, which are an expanded version of the Beginning And Ending Sound Workbook. You will also see links to recent alphabet charts and the newest versions of the related games

These are the January 2014 links.
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Advanced Learning The Alphabet - Workbook 2
s, j, o, c, d, a, v, g, p, k, y, qu, z
Advanced Learning The Alphabet - Workbook 1
t, i, h, l, n, w, u, b, m, r, f, x, e
Alphabet Wall Cards With Sound Pictures And Handwriting Model
Alphabet Flashcards - Lower Case ZB
Alphabet Flashcards - Capital Letters ZB
Raspberry Game 1 -
t i h l n w u b m r f x
Blueberry Game 1 - t i h l n w
Letter Lotto
Blueberry/Raspberry Bush
Color and BW
Blueberry Game 2 - u b m r f x
Blueberry Game 3 - e s j o c d
Blueberry Game 4 - a v g p k y q z
Raspberry Game 2 -
e s j o c d
Raspberry Game 3 -
a v g p k y q z