This page has a set of shapes - lines, curves, and circles - that can be used to build the letters of the alphabet. The exercise is designed to help the student notice and become familiar with the relevant parts of each letter.

The shapes should be run off on colored cardstock, laminated, and cut out. There is also a set of letter frame cards. Students will find the needed shapes and fit them into the letter outlines on the letter frames. Run off the cards on white cardstock.

These materials may be used at the Readiness Level and at the Learning the Alphabet Level. At the readiness level, you won't use the letter frames. You'll just build a very simple design of two or three pieces and have the student copy. This helps the student develop concepts of above, below, beside, and so on. Students will have to look carefully to build patterns that match, a habit that will help them discriminate between similar letters.

Building the Letter Shapes

The letter shapes and frames below are a new version. The original and revised instructions are shown below. The revised instructions include all of the game instructions; turn the pages until you get to the letter shapes.
Instructions for building designs and letters with letter shapes

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Letter Shapes And Letter Frames January 2014
Revised Instructions January 2014