Apple Alphabet Game

Apple Alphabet - lower case and capital letters - LD Traditional Print
Instructions for Apple Alphabet Game and Apple Matching Game
Selecting The Pieces: As the student works through Learning the Alphabet, the teacher will introduce one or more new letters each day in the order shown in the book. The teacher should select the new letter being taught and any previous letters that have been studied, and group them together to play the game. Note: Extra apples should be made for the first few letters taught so that there will be enough apples to play the game.

Setting up the game: Spread out the selected apples face down on the table. Give one basket to each student. Students sit in a circle around the apples.
To do the activity: Students take turns picking an apple and giving the sound for the letter shown (not the letter name). If correct, the student places the apple just above his basket, so that it looks like it is in the basket. If incorrect, the apple must be put back on the table face down. As the student accumulates more apples, they are placed in one or more rows above the basket. When all of the apples have been collected, each student counts the number of apples in her basket. The student with the most apples wins.

I've seen students who were not interested in learning letters become very interested when I introduced this game. They began to pay attention and start to have success because they are so focused on winning apples.

This game can be downloaded below, or you can draw it on cardstock or poster board. Print the apples on red, yellow,or green cardstock. Print the baskets on brown or tan cardstock. Laminate all pages if desired for extra wear. Cut out the apples and store in an envelope or plastic bag. When I am doing one set, I cut around the apples. When I'm doing multiple sets, I use a paper cut to cut the apple pages into squares. The kids don't seem to mind if the cards are square or round. Cut out the baskets and store each apple set in a large envelope or plastic bag.

This game was adapted from the Apple Match game in Simple Games for Practicing Basic Skills published by Evan-Moor.

Note: There are four separate sets of apple letters: lower case printed letters, upper case printed letters, lower case text letters, and upper case text letters. Use the printed letters for the youngest students and any students who are just learning the alphabet. Use the text letters for older students and those who are already familiar with the alphabet.
Apple Alphabet - capital Letters - Century Schoolbook
Apple Alphabet - lower case - Century Schoolbook

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