Apple Concentration

To prepare the activity: Print two sets of the apple alphabet game apples. Laminate all pages if desired for extra wear. Cut out the apple pieces. Store each set in a separate labeled plastic bag or envelope.

Selecting The Pieces: Set aside any apples with letters that have not been taught. Use all of the letters that have been taught.

Setting Up the Game: Place the apples in several rows face down on the table or in a pocket chart.
To Do the Activity: Students take turns turning over two apples at a time. The student should say the sound for the letter on each apple. If the letters are the same, and the student gives the sound correctly, he or she may pick up both apples and keep them in a stack. If incorrect, the apples must be kept in their place and turned face down again. When all of the apples have been collected, each student counts the number of apples in his or her pile. The student with the most apples wins.

Variation 1: Make one set of capital letters and one set of lower case letters. Mix the sets together. Students turn over two cards at a time attempting to match capital and lower case letters.

Variation 2: Make one set of printed lower case letters and one set of text lower case letters. Students turn over two cards at a time attempting to match a printed letter to the same text letter.
Use the Apple Alphabet files to print the letters you need to play the Apple Matching Game. Click on the link below to go to the Apple Alphabet page.

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