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This is an activity to help students recognize the various forms of letters. The way a letter looks depends on the font used to print it. Most fonts don't look like letters that are printed by hand. Some fonts have serifs, some don't, and the letters are proportioned differently from font to font. In this game, students select letter cards and sort them onto a grid. There are letter cards for six different versions for each letter, each one a different font. All the t's go in one row, all the h's go in another row, and so on. Sorting the letters helps the student recognize the many ways that a letter may appear in a book or article. Don't try to do this activity with students who are just learning their letters.

To prepare the activity: Print the letter card pages, grid pages, and letter swamp page on cardstock. Laminate all pages if desired for extra wear. Cut the letter cards apart. Each row of letters is printed in a different font. Store the pieces for each letter in a separate envelope or plastic bag. This will allow you to select only the letters that you want to use for the activity. Label the envelopes. Store the envelopes in a box in alphabetical order. Cut along the outside edges of the grids to make two 3x6 sheets. Tape the longer edges of the two sheets together, putting tape on the top of the seam and on the bottom, so that the pages can fold and unfold. This creates a 6x6 grid.

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