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Students will be ready to begin reading and writing short vowel words after mastering the skills at the Readiness Level and the Learning the Alphabet Level. On these pages, there are instructions for activities that help children learn to read and spell short vowel words. The activities described include sound blending exercises using letter cards, word building activities with small plastic letters, doing the Robot Game with cards that have words on one side and pictures on the other, and decoding (sounding out) short vowel words from the board while writing them on paper. Students can also improve their oral blending skills (putting letter sounds together) by playing the blueberry game.

There are three different short vowel booklets that can be used for decoding lessons in small groups, followed by indepedent practice.
All of the books teach one short vowel pattern at a time, have pictures to illustrate the words, and introduce the sight words a, was, as, has, I, is, and his. Students begin reading simple, illustrated sentences as soon as they have read the first lists of words. The print each book is large, with ample space between lines, so young eyes can follow the words easily.

In the first two books, the students learn to read each set of short vowel words in three stages.

In the third book, students learn to read each set of short vowel words in two stages.
Worksheets are available which coordinate with any of the decoding booklets. Students match words with pictures, and then copy the same words under the correct pictures. They also match sentences and pictures, and do fill in the blank sentence exercises. The original short vowel workbook is still available, and also an expanded short vowel workbook with extra pages for the short o, short u, and short e words. I've also added an abbreviated short vowel workbook with only two sets of worksheets for each short vowel. The first set begins with continuous consonants, and the second set begins with stopped consonants.

Small booklets are available that introduce short vowel words and sentences in a smaller format. These booklets must be cut, folded, and stapled.

Picture/word cards with a short vowel word on one side and a picture on the other side are used to play the Robot Game and for decoding practice. A different set of word cards with the vowel printed in a bright color can be used with the picture/word cards for matching exercises.


Level 3 - Short Vowels


Sound City Reading

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Expanded Short Vowel Words

January 2014 - Short Vowel Books

There are four different versions shown below. All of the versions are appropriate for kindergarten or first grade students, or older students who need to study short vowel words. Each version teaches words that begin with continuous consonants first (for example f, m, s), and teaches words that begin with stopped consonants after that (for example c, b, t). Students learn a few sight words (a, I, as, has, is, his, was) and begin reading simple short vowel sentences.

The first two versions assume the students can already recognize and give the sounds for all the letters of the alphabet. They teach short a words first.

The last two versions teach the alphabet letters a few at a time while introducing new words that contain those letters. This is helpful because students study short vowel words in a way that coordinates with handwriting instruction. Students are not expected to write new words until receiving handwriting instruction for the letters that are needed. Because the letter a is one of the more difficult letters to write, these books teach short i, short u, and short o words before teaching short a words. There is a beginning version to use with the advanced learning the alphabet books and an expanded version to use at the first grade level.
Basic Short Vowel Words
Short Vowel Words For First Grade
Beginning Short Vowel Words
Alphabet Wall Cards With Sound Pictures And Handwriting Model
Alphabet Cards - Lower Case ZB
Alphabet Cards - Capital Letters ZB
Beyond The Alphabet Sounds And Vowel Code
From Part 2 Of The Sound Story
Raspberry Game 1 -
t i h l n w u b m r f x
Blueberry Game 1 - t i h l n w
Train Game
Blueberry/Raspberry Bush
Color and BW
Blueberry Game 2 - u b m r f x
Blueberry Game 3 - e s j o c d
Blueberry Game 4 - a v g p k y q z
Raspberry Game 2 -
e s j o c d
Raspberry Game 3 -
a v g p k y q z
Alphabet Cards - Capital Letters CentSch
Alphabet Cards - Lower Case CentSch
Expanded Short Vowel Workbook
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