Original Short Vowel Materials

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Short Vowel Workbook - Original
These small booklets must be assembled, but the kids love them. They are printed two to a page, then cut, folded, and stapled with a long neck stapler. They are printed in black and white on both sides of the paper. When the print dialogue box comes up, be sure to change "page scaling" to "none," so that the print and pictures will be centered on the pages correctly. Click below to download.

1 Cat
2 Win
3 Fix It
4 Sit
5 Zip It
6 A Bag
7 A Dog
8 A Fox
9 Fun in the Sun
10 A Wet Pet
Short Vowel Workbook - Expanded (same, with a few extra pages)
Activities For Working With Short Vowel Words - Instructions
#2 Pronouncing Two Sounds On A Chart
Blueberry Game Pieces
#1 Putting Two Sounds Together With Plastic Letters
Short Vowel Robot and Sound Game Instructions (Use the picture/word cards listed below.)
Short A Picture Word Cards
Short E Picture Word Cards
Short I Picture Word Cards
Short O Picture Word Cards
Short U Picture Word Cards
Short U Color-Coded Word Cards
Short O Color-Coded Word Cards
Short I Color-Coded Word Cards
Short E Color-Coded Word Cards
Short A Color-Coded Word Cards
#3 Blueberry Game Instructions - "Silly Sounds" Oral Blending
Decoding and Spelling Short Vowel Words From A Chalkboard
Full Page Booklets

Preparatory Activities Using Two Sounds
Using Plastic Letters To Spell Words
Small Booklets

Ideas For Teaching Decoding (Previously on the Welcome page.)
Picture/Word Cards
Color-Coded Cards

Sound City Reading

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Baskets for Blueberry Game
Short Vowel Words (Color-coded, rhyming lists)
Short Vowel Words (With arrows, black and white, not rhyming)
Blueberry Bush
Short Vowel Words (With arrows, black and white, words with the same beginning sounds are put together, cab, can, cap, cat)
Short Vowel Workbook - Abridged (shorter, only two spelling sheets per vowel, same sentence sheets.)