These booklets introduce the most common phonogram patterns, such as sh/ship and ee/feet. Students learn these patterns and practice them while reading words, sentences, and stories. Students are also being introduced to many of the most common beginning sight words, including me, he, we, give, live, have, to, do, who, etc. These booklets are ideal for students who need extra practice with decoding and sight word recognition. The print is large, because some primary aged children aren't ready to focus on small print. Arrows separate the sounds in the words, to help students recognize and pronounce each letter and phonogram pattern. The arrows also reinforce decoding from left to right.

The phonics sequence doesn't match Reading Street, but many of the same patterns are included, in a different order. I use these booklets in addition to the Reading Street program.

I've finished a new set of phonogram pattern booklets. I've changed the order of some of the phonograms to create a more logical sequence. I've added some new stories to fit the modified sequence, and put all the stories in a separate set of three Practice Story booklets. There is also a booklet of color-coded word lists with the phonograms presented in the same order for review. These short lists contain the most common words in our language. A set of spelling workbooks and a set of tests also match the new sequence.

 Previous Color-Coded Materials

Number 1 - A Fish - sh, o/son, e/me, o/go, or/for, th/thumb, th/this - 34 pages
Number Two
A Moth
o/go, or/for, th/thumb, th/this
Number Three
Ending consonant blends
Number Four
A Duck
ck/Jack, o/to, _ve/give
Number Five
On A Bench
ch, tch, nch
Number Ten
Eve Gets A Pet
all, wa_, or, oor
Number Nine
The Pet Shop
ee, e_e
Number Eight
a_e, ai, ay
Number Seven
i_e, igh, ind, ild
Number Six
Beginning consonant blends
Original Phonogram Pattern Booklets - Very Large Print
Previous Phonogram Pattern Booklets
Smaller Print (August 2009)
Number One
A Fish
sh, o/son, e/he, o/go, or/for,
th/thumb, th/this, ending consonant blends
Number Two
A Duck
ck/Jack, o/to, ve/give,
ch/chicken, tch/match, nch/bench, beginning consonant blends, wh/wheel, wh/who

Sound City Reading

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Color-Coded Practice Stories
Color-Coded Practice Stories Volume One
Set Sail
Phonogram Pattern Booklets - Phonics Patterns For Beginning Readers - Feb. 2010 -
See stories, review lists, worksheets, and tests below
Number 2 - Jump - ending consonant blends - 35 pages
Number 3 - A Duck - ck/Jack, o/to, _ve/give, ch/chicken, tch/match, nch/bench - 32 pages
Number 4 - A Chicken - beginning consonant blends, wh/when, wh/who - 40 pages
Number 5 - Mike - i_e/pine, igh/night, ind/find, ild/child, c/cent, ir/bird, 's - 32 pages
Number 6 - Kay - a_e/safe, ai/rain, ay/play, eigh/sleigh, g/giant - 44 pages
Number 7 - A Trip To The Farm - ar/star, wa/wasp, all/ball, al/salt, alk/talk, aw/saw, au/Paul, bas-ket, _ed - 45 pages
Number 8 - The Pet Shop - ee/feet, e_e/these, _es, kit-ten, but-ton - 34 pages
Number 9 - At The River - er/her, er/berry, ey/key, ey/they, ng/ring, nk/wink, _ing - 42 pages
Number 10 - Baby Sally - y/funny, y/my, ra-ven, se-cret, ti-ger, o-pen, mu-sic, rob-in, sitting - 36 pages
Number 11 - A Birthday Treat - ea/eat, ea/head, ea/steak, ei/ceiling, ei/veil - 32 pages
Number 12 - Joe's Truck - o_e/home, o_e/love, oa/boat, oe/toe - 30 pages
Number 13 - The Troll And The Gold - old/gold, olt/bolt, oll/roll, olk/yolk, a_/across - 34 pages
Number 14 - A Mouse In The House - ou/ouch, ou/shoulder, ou/soup, ow/cow, ow/snow - 36 pages
Number One
A Fish
sh/ship, o/son, e/me
Number 15 - A Walk In The Woods - oo/book, oo/moon, wor/worm, or/horse, or/doctor, or/sorry, _a/panda, a/father - 45 pages
Number 16 - Luke And The Lizard - u_e/cube, ue/glue, ui/fruit, ew/few, ar/lizard, ar/sparrow, eu/Europe, ie/pie, ie/shield, let's - 44 pages
Number 17 - The Flagpole - u/push, ould/should, ur/purse, ear/early, our/journal, kn/knife, wr/wren, gh/ghost, gh/straight, ought/bought
Practice Stories
Volume 1
Set Sail
Use with phonogram pattern booklets 1 - 11
Practice Stories
Volume 2
Go For A Ride
Use with phonogram pattern booklets 12-15
Practice Stories
Volume 3
Follow Your Dreams
Use with phonogram pattern booklets 16-17
Color-Coded Review Lists
Use with phonogram booklets 1-17
Phonogram Flashcards
Use with booklets 1-17
4 Sets
Tests - decoding, cloze, and comprehension tests to use with booklets 1-17 COMING SOON
Phonogram Workbook 1
Use with booklets 1-4
Phonogram Workbook 2
Use with booklets 5-11
Coming Soon
Phonogram Workbook 3
Use with booklets 12-17
Coming Soon
Color-Coded Short Vowel
Words and Sentences
Color-Coded Short Vowels
Color-Coded Short Vowel
Words and Sentences
Color-Coded Practice Stories Volume One
Set Sail

Original Phonogram Booklets February 2010

Click here to go to the April 2011 color-coded phonics pattern booklets.
Click here to go to the revised January 2014 color-coded phonics pattern booklets.

(See bottom of page for links to April 2011 and January 2014 color-coded phonogram booklets.)

These require a lot of paper, because there are fewer words on each page.
Be sure to download the practice stories that go with these phonogram booklets; they are shown above on the left.
The above booklets do not have sound charts or the sound story in them. Download this Practice Charts booklet to supplement the February 2010 Phonogram Pattern Booklets. Instructions are included.
Practice Charts For Phonogram Pattern Booklets - Coming Soon
Sight Word Cards - Color Coded -
2014 Version
The sight word cards included in this file will be slightly different from those in the 2010 phonogram booklets, and some will be in a different order. You will need to select the cards you need and sort them into the correct order. This file will make three sets of cards.