Update January 2014: Scroll down to see the revised Advanced Phonics Patterns book and the Advanced Decoding Practice book, with related materials.

Original Post 2011: This book is designed for students who are already reading. Use it with first graders after they have mastered the basic phonics patterns and with second grade and up. It introduces many new phonogram patterns and also a number of ending syllables, prefixes and suffixes. Each set of patterns to be studied is shown on a house chart. The charts can be copied and posted on the wall to form a "sound city." The phonogram patterns on each house chart will prepare students to read a new trade book. Students practice the patterns by reading word lists and sentences. Teachers and parents are encouraged to purchase or borrow the correlated children's books for students to read.

This book has 260 pages. You may want to print only the pages you need for a particular lesson. If you want to print the whole book, it can be bound with plastic comb binding or punched and put into a three ring binder.

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Level 5 - Advanced Phonics Patterns

Advanced Phonics Patterns From Children's Books - Original

Sound City Reading

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Advanced Phonics Patterns From Children's Books - 2014
Advanced Decoding Practice - 2014
Treasure Chest Game Pieces - 2014
Treasure Chest - BW - Legal - 2014
Treasure Chest - Color - Legal - 2014
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The treasure chest game (see below) is near the end of the file.
Advanced Phonogram Pattern Flashcards - 2014