Picture/Word Cards For Reading Street

I print these picture/word cards on lightweight cardstock. The cards have a picture on one side and the word on the other side. I print the cards on pastel-colored cardstock so students won't be able to see the picture through the card when looking at the word side. I feed the cardstock from a pull-out shelf on my printer so that it will go straight through without jamming. First I set the page numbers to print the picture side of all the cards. Then I put the pages back onto the shelf and set the page numbers to print the words only. Try one or two pages first to make sure you're feeding the pages correctly. Also, be sure to change the "page scaling" from the printer dialogue box to "none," so that the words and pictures will be centered correctly. After printing both sides, I cut the pages into fourths, using a heavy duty, large capacity paper cutter. This creates four identical sets of the cards, to share with other teachers, teaching assistants, or parents.
I use these cards to play the "Robot Game." I put a group of the cards, picture side up, in a pocket chart. Then I say each word "like a robot", that is, one sound at a time. For example, I would say c......a......t for the word cat. I call on students one at a time to come up to the chart and select the correct picture. The student then pronounces the word and shows the word side for the students to read.

I also print a separate set of "color-coded" word cards on white cardstock. These words are printed with each new vowel or consonant pattern in a bright color to make it stand out. After the robot game I have students take turns matching each color-coded word card to the matching picture card in the pocket chart. Then I have students read all the words aloud, in unison.

I'l be adding more patterns as time permits. The cards are arranged in sets to correlate with the units in the first grade Scott Foresman Reading Street program. Click below to go to a list of available sets for the desired unit.

Sound City Reading

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