I made pages like these years ago to give my students extra decoding practice. This set is revised to match the phonics sequence in the Scott Foresman Reading Street first grade program. The pages can be printed as a complete set and stapled into a thick booklet, or they can be printed separately, one skill at a time, as needed. I print them front and back on heavy paper.
I have my students read these pages in their small reading groups. Each child reads a row or column of words. Students take turns until all of the words have been done. On the sentence pages, each child reads a sentence. Then I send the pages home to be read to parents for homework.

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Decoding Practice Pages To Use With Reading Street

Decoding Practice Unit 2
Decoding Practice Unit 1
Decoding Practice Unit 3-1
An Egg is an Egg

Decoding Practice Pages To Use With Any Program, Any Level

Vowel Patterns
I have not had time to set up decoding pages for every unit in Reading Street. However, you can find the individual pages you need in the books below. These decoding books have vowel and consonant phonogram patterns arranged in alphabetical order. This makes it easy to find the pattern you need. The patterns range from easy to advanced. The books include rhyming pages, non-rhyming word lists, and sentence pages. Teachers can choose the phonics patterns they want students to practice and copy the needed pages. First and second grade teachers will find these books useful. They can also be used with older students who haven't mastered the material. These books are large. If you want to print an entire book, it can be put together with plastic comb binding, or punched and put in a three ring binder. The Vowel Patterns book has 286 pages. The Consonant Patterns book has 186 pages. Click below to view or download.
Consonant Patterns
(Includes ending syllables)

Sound City Reading

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