Caterpillar Game For Reading Street - Instructions

This phonogram sound review has been really useful for giving the students extra practice recognizing the letter patterns. Students who don't pay too much attention usually perk up and really try so that they won't have to put a piece back. I supervise the students in a small reading group and give hints sometimes if I know a student needs a little extra help.

Students place the caterpillar body parts face down in the center of a table. Each student takes a caterpillar head. Students take turns picking one body part at a time. If a student can say the letter or phonogram sound correctly, he may place the body piece beside the caterpillar head. As more body pieces are added, the student creates a caterpillar, going from left to right. If the student picks a "flower" piece, he gets to keep that piece and take an extra turn. If he picks a "frowny face" piece, he sets the piece aside and loses that turn. When all pieces have been taken, the student with the most pieces wins.

I have sometimes allowed students to play this game independently in a small group at a center table while I'm teaching reading groups. They must say the sounds very quietly. They like it a lot. Limiting usage to once or twice a week helps the students to stay focused with their behavior. At other times I've printed enough for the whole class to do the game simultaneously in pairs. This involves a lot of cutting, though.

Click below to go to a list of caterpillar games to download. The games are designed to correlate with the units in the first grade level of the Scott Foresman Reading Street program. The files are line drawings. Print them on one side of green cardstock, or any color that you prefer. If you laminate them, they will be more durable. There are two ways to cut them apart. For the slow way, use scissors and cut around each piece. For the faster way, use a paper cutter and carefully cut between each row and column of the body parts. This will create small squares with each piece printed on it. I trim the edges of the paper first so that the size of the squares will be fairly regular. The kids seem to like them just as well either way. Be careful when cutting the heads! Cut the heads separately from the body parts, they are not lined up the same way.

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