Color-Coded Phonogram Pattern Booklet

Students practice reading words and sentences with new phonogram patterns. The phonogram sequence matches the phonic patterns taught in the story A Big Fish for Max at the first grade level of Reading Street by Scott Foresman. New phonics patterns are highlighted in color.
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Phonogram Patterns 1
Unit 2-1 A Fish for Max
Phonogram Pattern Booklet
ee, e, e_e, ey patterns
Stories - The Pet Shop, Eve Gets A Pet
Use with Unit 2-6 Honey Bees (e/ee)

Large Print Phonogram Pattern Booklets

These books are in black and white. I have used them as a supplementary materials for the units listed. The booklets contain phonetic lists, sentences, and a story. The print is very large, which is helpful for students with vision difficulties, however this takes up more room on the page, requiring more paper. I'll be working to modify these so that the print will be smaller, but still very readable for young children. They'll be available on Level 4 - Phonogram Patterns section. Click below to view or download.

Phonogram Pattern Booklet
y/my, y/silly, ra-ven, se-cret, ti-ny, o-pen, mu-sic
Story - Baby Sally
Use with Unit 3-1 An Egg is an Egg

Other Reading Street Materials

These Power Point presentations will work on a Macintosh computer. They will also work on an IBM compatible computer, but some of the clip art may not load correctly. They go with the Reading Street first grade curriculum. They focus on the phonics patterns taught in each unit. Click below to view or download.

Power Point Presentations

RS 2-2 Farmer in the Hat
RS 2-2 Phonics Review
These are the high frequency words form the Reading Street first grade program. They should be printed in color on white cardstock, then cut into individual cards. They can be used for a word wall or as flashcards for high-frequency word review.

These are the colors: red/short a, dark red/long a, pink/special a (a/all), green/short e, dark green/long e, light purple/short i, purple/long i, light orange/short o, orange/long o, blue/special o (o/to), light blue/short u, blue/long u, aqua/special u (u/push), brown/ou-ow, tan/oi-oy. For example, any vowel pattern with a long a sound (ai, ay, a_e, eigh) is printed in dark red.

Big Color-Coded Word Lists - High Frequency Words

High-Frequency Words - Lists for Wall

Big Color-Coded Word Lists - Phonetic Patterns

This set of large cards shows words with the long e patterns e, ee, e_e, and ey. Instead of posting them on the wall, I'll use hold them up one at a time for whole group or small group decoding practice. They should be printed in color on legal-sized cardstock. Click below to view or download.
Long E Large Decoding Cards - e, ee, e_e, ey

Sound City Reading

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Big Color-Coded Word Flashcards - High Frequency Words

Reading Street First Grade Phonogram Cards

Use these cards to introduce and review the phonogram patterns (sh, th, a_e, ee) studied in the first grade Reading Street program. Have students say the sound for each pattern in unison. If the pattern has more than one sound, students should say each sound, one after the other, with a slight pause between the sounds. The cards can also be used individually and in small groups.

Reading Street First Grade Phonogram Cards (1 set)
High-Frequency Words Part 1 - Individual Cards
These are the high frequency words form the Reading Street first grade program. They should be printed in color on white cardstock. The words are printed in lists. Words with the same vowel pattern are all on the same list. See the list above to see the connection between the vowel sounds and the colors. I use these lists for my word wall.
Click here to see pictures of a word wall made with these lists.
High-Frequency Words Part 2 - Individual Cards
Go to the smaller print Phonogram Booklets - Perfect supplement for first grade.

Picture Dictionary - Alphabet Letters

This booklet is in the Learning the Alphabet section. It has a page of words and pictures for each letter of the alphabet. Both beginning and ending sound pages are included. This will make a nice spelling reference book for first graders.
Picture Dictionary - Alphabet Letters