These are the wall charts in my classroom as of May 2009.

I made these charts to create a visual reference for students, to help them remember the various phonogram patterns and sounds. We regulary go through the charts as a whole group, saying the sounds.

The alphabet sounds are shown in alphabetical order on cards with the letter and sound picture. The common spelling patterns for long vowels and special vowels are also shown. Consonant digraphs are on trees. R-controlled vowel patterns are shown with pictures that illustrate key words.

For years, I had the alphabet cards across the front of the room near the ceiling, and the posters for the long vowel, special vowel, and consonant digraph patterns along the side wall of the classroom. But in this version, which I put up near the end of the school year, I've combined the alphabet cards with the other posters, to make a single, large display.
Click on any picture to see an enlarged version.

Wall Charts 2009

Sound City Reading

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