I put up these wall charts in January 2009. It this point I had the alphabet cards in a row along the front of the room, wrapping around the corner. The posters on this page were on the side wall, below the end of the alphabet. The long vowel and special vowel posters were meant to look like tall houses, but look more like giant crayons, instead. Short vowel sounds are at the top. The consonant digraph sounds are on trees.

 The patterns for the long vowel sounds are sorted on the charts, with the v_e (safe, these, pine, bone, cube) patterns in the top row, the v v patterns with the first vowel long (rain, feet, road, blue) in the second row, the v v patterns with the second vowel long in the third row (steak, shield, Europe), the vcc patterns (find, wild, roll, gold) in the fourth row, and other patterns at the bottom.

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