Sound City Reading

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  Color-Coding Reference Chart


a        ant                                                                     bright red

a        safe, rain, play, eight                                           dark red

        ball, salt, talk, Paul, saw, wasp                                pink

e      egg, head                                                               light green

e       he, feet, these, funny, eat, ceiling                          dark green

       ballet                                                                      dark red

i        in                                                                            light violet

i         pine, night, find, wild, my, pie                            dark violet

         pizza                                                                  dark green

o        ox                                                                       light orange

o        go, home, boat, toe, gold, bolt, roll, yolk              dark orange

        to, soup, moon                                                      dark blue (same as u/cube)

u        up, a, was, what, the, of, son, love                         light blue

u        cube, glue, fruit, few, Europe                                dark blue

         push, book, should                                                olive green

ou       ouch                                                                     brown

ow       cow                                                                       brown

oi       oil                                                                         gold

oy       boy                                                                        gold

ar       car                                                                        light orange (same as short o)

or       horse                                                                     dark orange (same as long o)

er       her                                                                         gray

ir       bird                                                                        gray

ur      purse                                                                       gray

ear    early                                                                        gray

our    journal                                                                     gray


Color-Coding Reference Chart