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A few weeks later, Audrey and Brad and mom and dad heard about a great new movie about a boy and his dog. So, they decided to go to the theatre. At the theatre, someone in front of them started talking on a cell phone. “Shhh,” Mom said, leaning forward in her seat. (sh/ship)
The movie was action packed and very exciting. Before they knew it, the movie was over. They were the last people to leave the theatre. As they walked along the rows, they heard a squeaking sound, “eee, eee, eee.” It was a tiny mouse scurrying along the floor under the seats. He was collecting dropped pieces of popcorn. (e/emu)

A Sound Story About Audrey And Brad - Part 2

At first, they didn’t see the mouse. Then it ran right by Mom’s foot. “Oh!” she exclaimed, jumping up on the nearest seat. “It’s a mouse!” Audrey and Brad giggled a little. They were not afraid of a mouse. (o/ocean)

A Snowy Day
The next morning Audrey and Brad didn’t go to school, because it was Saturday. It was cold in the house. Mom got up while it was still dark to boil water for some hot tea. A soft “ttthhhh” sound could be heard as the steam escaped from the  tea  kettle.  
Dad was up early, too. After his shower, he shaved with an electric razor. “Tttthhh,” was the sound that it made as he trimmed off his whiskers.
Before long, it was light enough to see outside. The sky was overcast, so the sun was covered by the clouds. Audrey sat up in bed and looked out the window. “Ooooo,” she exclaimed. “It snowed last night!” (o/to)
By this time Mom was calling everyone to come to breakfast. Brad pulled a paper out of his backpack and carried it downstairs. It was his spelling test for the week. He proudly hung it on the refrigerator. At the top of the paper was a large red A.
When they were finished eating, Brad and Audrey got dressed and went outside. A white blanket of snow covered the ground. Everything was quiet. They looked up and saw a large crow sitting in the tree beside their driveway. He flapped his wings and let out a loud “aw, aw, aw, aw” before he flew away.
As Audrey and Brad walked down the driveway, their feet crunched in the deep snow. Ch, ch, ch, ch. A few snowflakes were still falling. The whole neighborhood was beautiful. (ch/chicken)
Audrey and Brad decided to have a snowball throwing contest. They took turns throwing the snowballs at the basketball backboard that stood beside the driveway. “Nnnggg,” went the backboard as Brad’s first snowball hit. “Nnngg,” it sang out again as Audrey’s snowball hit it, too.
Audrey noticed some icicles hanging down from the front porch. As she reached up to get an icicle, she slipped on the icy concrete and fell. “Ou,” she said in a loud voice as her elbow hit the icy pavement. Brad went to help Audrey up. She stood up carefully and rubbed her arm. She decided to leave the icicles where they were.
                                                (ou/ouch, ow/cow)
Then Audrey and Brad decided to build a snowman. They rolled up balls of snow for the head and middle part of the snowman. Then Brad rolled up a huge ball of snow for the bottom of the snowman. He rolled until he couldn’t go any farther. “Uuuhh,” he said as he pushed hard against the giant snowball. “That’s as far as I can go.”
After Audrey and Brad finished the snowman, Dad and Mom came outside to shovel the snow off of the front driveway. They all took turns shoveling the snow. Audrey and Brad worked hard, too. After a long time, the driveway was clear. “You two did a great job,” said Mom. “Thanks for your help.”
 “Hey, now we have room to use our new pogo stick,” said Brad. He ran into the garage and brought it out. He started to jump up and down with it on the driveway. “Oi, oi, oi,” went the coiled spring on the pogo stick as he bounced up and down. When he got tired, Audrey took a turn jumping, too.
                                                    (oi/oil, oy/boy)
Finally both of the children were worn out. They were tired, cold, and wet from being out in the snow all morning. They went inside and changed into some warm dry clothes. Audrey’s mom used the hair dryer to dry her damp hair. “Zzzzhhhh,” was the sound of the hair dryer as it blew.
         (The sound in measure, vision, garage, azure)
After eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and apples for lunch, everybody picked out a good book and curled up in front of the wood burning stove in the den to read for a while. They spent a cozy afternoon reading together.
                                  The End
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